How do you fight an invisible enemy? If you’re the Elisabeth Moss character in The Invisible Man (2020) you dump a can of paint on him, then try to stab him with a knife. And if you’re a struggling character in Real Life (2021), you dump yourself in a virtual line to try to get stabbed with a vaccine. These may sound like truly identical situations, but there are actually a few subtle differences. Poor Elisabeth Moss, psychologically tortured by her unseen foe for about an hour, has to make her assailant visible before she can attack him. Comparatively, after…

A Bullet Point Breakdown

· Visibility = Accountability — Whether it’s skydiving or getting back on the dating scene, we all have something we dream of yet dread. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to make your private thoughts into public proclamations. By announcing your intention to wrestle your demons via any/all social media platforms, you won’t have to worry about holding yourself accountable because everyone you’ve ever interacted with will happily do it for you! You’ll be thankful for every “nut up or shut up” comment that pops up on your journey to self-actualization.

· Economic Woe to Economic Whoa

Brian Carufe

Brian is a writer & high school English teacher in New York City.

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