Why Every Single Problem Can Be Solved With Visibility (No Exceptions)

A Bullet Point Breakdown

· Visibility = Accountability — Whether it’s skydiving or getting back on the dating scene, we all have something we dream of yet dread. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to make your private thoughts into public proclamations. By announcing your intention to wrestle your demons via any/all social media platforms, you won’t have to worry about holding yourself accountable because everyone you’ve ever interacted with will happily do it for you! You’ll be thankful for every “nut up or shut up” comment that pops up on your journey to self-actualization.

· Economic Woe to Economic Whoa — Business lagging lately? Any publicity is good publicity. I had personally never heard of Enron before 2001 and now I’ll never forget it. The more visible the actions of your business, the more likely your name is to be written in stone. It might also be written on protest signs or an arrest record, but notoriety can easily become immortality.

· Sweeping Generalizations Under the Rug — No one likes to be given broad advice, especially the kind that claims quick fixes to complex issues. Only by liking and sharing articles that make these assertions can we guarantee that under-informed, overly simplified stories get the controversy they deserve.

But the crown jewel of all problems (the corona, if you will) is the one that Visibility can truly dethrone. Unlike those other headscratchers though, this one has a specific and sincere solution.

The more people get shots in arms, the more we yearn to go back to bars and get shots in glasses. You’ll feel safer in that bar knowing that the people around you are vaccinated, and believe me it’ll be mutual. Don’t tell me you already threw away the little sticker they gave you when you got your shot… You were supposed to wear that forever! Lucky you, there’s a less sticky solution, one you really need to know about: a public health initiative called COVID COVERED.

A (Slightly) More Serious Bullet Point Breakdown

· The merits of wristbands — Maybe you’ve seen them floating around already on vaccinated arms. Now that CDC regulations are beginning to ease back, COVID COVERED bands are becoming a key transitional tool to making people feel safer in crowded spaces, eventually without masks! Once again you’ll be able to smell the farts on airplanes without worrying about inhaling coronavirus. Vaccine Visibility is the key back to that world! Side note: if we could make farting visible, maybe people would stop doing it publicly.

  • Helping the Hungry — COVID COVERED is also donating a large portion of its proceeds to No Kid Hungry, an organization which is feeding vulnerable children during the pandemic, and providing them books, games, and other educational materials. Food and school are important!
  • Civil servants, civic duty — Co-founded by a school teacher and a US Air Force Captain who are “starting to get tired of wearing masks and also trying to be part of the solution on as many fronts as possible.”
  • Go to Covidcoveredband.com to get one for your vaccinated grandma.

The journey back will be a HIKE, but it’ll be a group effort. So maybe we should all be solving this invisible problem with a perceptible (very green), tangible (thick & rubbery) solution. See something, do something, tweet something, so we can all hold you accountable.

Brian is a writer & high school English teacher in New York City.